Personality Edit


West North

West is a nice, easy-going hip-hop dancer. He doesn't like opening up to people because they're not always trust-worthy. West usually keeps his own problems (not that he has very many) to himself and not telling people what he is thinking. When West does open up and talks to people they find him a bit weird and don't quite get what he is talking about. He is quite fun to hang around with most of the times.

When his friends ask him for advice, he is always there for them and will stick up for them if he feels need be.

Dancing Edit

West It's Hip-Hop Break Dancer

Dancing With You Best Friends James,Eldon And Hunter In to Season 2



In the episode "Good Girls Go Bad" when everyone else left the studio West came back to practice. He was surprised when he saw Daniel. Daniel made a rule they split the studio in half and each will stay on their own side and West immediately broke that rule. West then had the idea they teach each other their dance styles. They had so much fun doing it, it led to them combining the styles into one dance where West was the puppet master and was leading Daniel. West said that it was all just good practice.

Ballet meets Hip Hop - from episode 6 of "The Next Step"-101:30

Ballet meets Hip Hop - from episode 6 of "The Next Step"-1

Meet West from "The Next Step" - YouTube Exclusive00:28

Meet West from "The Next Step" - YouTube Exclusive

Dancing Edit

West is an Hip-Hop dancer. He loves doing flips and just dancing. Freestyle is obviously his favorite way of dancing. It's just how he is.

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