This page is talking about all the troupes in The Next Step Studio and what they do and how to reach their level. Kate is the owner of The Next Step Studio but her mother is the founder of the studio and she made all the troupes but not the people in the troupes. It is unknown if Chris only teaches the A-troupe or all the other troupes as well.


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A- troupe is the highest of all troupes. Every year A-troupe gives B-troupe members a chance to sign up and boost their dance career. A-troupe only takes 12 members. A-troupe is the only troupe that gets to go to Regionals. A-troupe has dance captains, Emily was a dance captain for 2 years untill Riley(her younger sister) helps Michelle become dance captain. A-troupe members have to be very good in order to win Regionals. If one A-troupe member gets kicked out, injured ect. B-troupe members get to audition for a spot once again.


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Giselle dancing at Studio B

The B-troupe is the stepping stone for talented dancers and the only goal B-troupe has is to work hard and make it to A-troupe. If you were in A-troupe and were demoted to B-troupe it means you need to get your act together because your were lazy and need to work a lot harder. This year B-troupe seems unfocused and tends to goof off.

Known Members                              

Former Members

  • Tiffany
  • Stephanie


J-Troupe stands for "Junior Troupe".  The J-Troupe members on The Next Step are potrayed by Kolton Stewart, Macie Yott, Myles Erlick, Jenna Warren, Rachel Riley and Tanner Matthews. In Rock And A Hard Place Daniel volunteered to choreograph but Tiffany convinced the J-Troupe not to listen to him. When Tiffany came in and helped him out, they finished the routine and it was performed for A-Troupe. Most dancers in higher troupes have been in J Toupe.noah sing a SONG and he was very cool

Known Members