Tiffany was a member of A-troupe and the E-girls. She is a very positive hip-hop dancer. Sometimes she doesn't agree with  but tends to keep it to herself. She was recently kicked out of A-troupe and sent down to B-troupe along with Stephanie. She was convinced she didn't deserve it, but the other dancers were on a completely different level


Tiffany is mean most of the time, but she is nice sometimes. Due to her not having a huge role yet, we have not gotten a huge chance to know her yet. She did not like Michelle either, like Emily and Stephanie, but picks Michelle's dance instead of Emily's at the end of season 1. In the first episode of season 2, stephanie and tiffany get demoted from A-troupe and barely spend time with each other.but Emily still hangs with Stephanie but we haven't heard anything from tiffany. Wow!E-girl drama!


Stephanie y Emily]Edit

Las Mejor Amiga

During Season 1,Tiffany and Stephanie were very good friends. Tiffany supported her when she was working on becoming a triple threat and helped her with her modeling and acting.  However, because Tiffany voted for Michelle instead of Emily to be the new dance captain, Stephanie no longer considers her a friend and is the last to get kicked out of E-Girls. In the newest season, Tiffany and Stephanie are both kicked out of A-troup during the challenge, and are sent down to B-troup.


Meet Tiffany from "The Next Step" - YouTube EXCLUSIVE!-0

Meet Tiffany from "The Next Step" - YouTube EXCLUSIVE!-0


  • Tamina Pollack-Paris is the actress that plays Tiffany. She was a contestant on the first season of "So You Think You Can Dance, Canada?". She was eliminated in the top 16 along with Joey Matt.
  • Tiffany was kicked out of the E-Girls the same reason Riley was; she broke rule #1 when she voted for Michelle to be the new dance captain instead of Emily in order to "protect herself," when E-Girls are supposed to protect each other.
  • Has been featured on the fourth season finale of FOX's GLEE