The Next Step StudioEdit

The Next Step Studio is a dance studio in downtown, Toronto, Canada, and is a strong dance academy with lots of elite dancers. It is formed of the J-Troupe, B-Troupe, and A-Troupe. It is owned by Kate, and its head choreographer is Chris.

DancersEdit Emily:Co captains with Michelle of A-troupe. She's soften up over the last few episodes but still has a bossy side.

Michelle:Co captains with Emily of A-troupe. She's very nice and will always be there for her friends.

Riley:Contemporary dancer of the studio and is James' girlfriend. She always achieves stuff if she puts her mind to it.

James :Break dancer at the studio and is Riley's boyfriend. He is a "go with the flow" kind of guy and usually doesn't worry about things.

West:Hip hop dancer who goes to the next step. He is the clown of the group and can make anyone sad laugh.

Eldon:Michelle's boyfriend and contemporary dancer. He usually has a smile on his face but he can get a little down once in a while.

Daniel:contemporary/ballet dancer in the studio. Daniel is always up for whatever comes to him.

Tiffany:Contemporary dancer of the studio. She is a little tense and pushes herself up to the limit. She is also demoted to B-troupe in season 2 and takes it very hard.

Chloe:She is a contemporary/ballet dancer in the studio. She is very hard-working with dancing in the studio and working two part-time jobs.

Stephanie:a contemporary dancer in the studio. She gets demoted to B-troupe and takes it thought it hurts.

Giselle:A ballet dancer in the studio. She is a good friend to Daniel and has intension to dance.

Hunter:The new dancer to the studio. He does hip hop and has a crush on Michelle and would do anything to get her to like him.

Amanda:The old dance captain of the rival dance studio, Elite. She was very harsh before she got thrown out of Elite and changed when she joined A-troupe in the next step.

Beth:James' old girlfriend. She doesn't know that he does not like him but that wont stop her from liking him.

Thalia:New dancer to the Next step. she is a hard-working dancer and seems like a threat to Daniel at first.

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