Stephanie is a jazz dancer, a dedicated working member of The Next Step studio and Emily 's best friend. She always has Emily's back and supports her as leader of the E-girls, she always stands up for Emily no matter what and will do anything for her.

Stephanie wants to be a triple threat, she wants to be a singer, a dancer, and an actress. She wants to be famous.


Stephanie is very loyal, and trustworthy. She likes to help out with the E-Girls and always has their backs, especially Emily's. Stephanie is always trying to help Emily out when she's feeling down. But she is very bossy and rude to everyone else, especially Michelle. She wants Michelle to quit the studio because she thinks Michelle is tearing the team apart, especially after Michelle stood up to Emily for Chloe in the episode "Can You Keep You Secret?" But sometimes, she can be mean. 



La Mejor Amiga

Stephanie is Emily's best friends and will always be there for her, as she is incredibly loyal to her. She always takes her side on things as evidenced when she reveals that she agrees with Emily that Michelle is tearing the studio apart. In the season 1 finale, she is the only person who chose Emily's dance instead of Michelle's. But when Emily left Stephanie when she went to Elite and she didn't, Stephanie didn't want to speak to Emily ever again. But when Emily returns, Stephanie and Emily make up once again and be best friends. 



When Stephanie and West have to come up with a duo choreography together, she is shown to be very bossy towards West. However, after West stands up for himself, Stephanie decides that they can make a compromise. By the time they finally come up with their choreography and show it to the rest of the members in the studio, Stephanie reveals that she thinks working with West isn't so bad after all, and that she actually enjoyed it.



Since Emily dislikes Michelle and feels threatened by her, Stephanie does not like her either. She even ruins Michelle's routine to help Emily keep her position as dance captain in the episode "Dance, Dance." She is also the only person to vote against Michelle to be the new dance captain in the episode "Sabatoge."

After her rejection at the Elite Dance Studio, Michelle accepts Stephanie to be back in the Next Step's A-Troupe.


  • Stephanie went from J-troupe to A-troupe
  • Stephanie wants to be a "triple threat" that dances, acts, and models
  • Stephanie is Emily's best friend.
  • Stephanie is portrayed by Samantha Grecchi

Meet Stephanie from "The Next Step"00:30

Meet Stephanie from "The Next Step"

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