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Light-brown, short hair. Lovely smile and is claimed the most pretty girl in the show. In Season 2, she got a haircut which made it shorter. In Season 3, the tips of her hair are dyed ginger and is worn in a short ponytail, blonde, also dirty blonde, just above shoulders Season 4




☀Riley used to have a close relationship with her older sister Emily. Emily was rather protective of her. Yet in the episode "Rock and a Hard Place," Riley has been put in the front row for their regionals routine despite not being the strongest dancer and Michelle has been put in the back despite being the strongest dancer. Riley decides that this isn't right and announces that Michelle deserves to be in the front row, and that Emily did not give Kate and Chris and input. By doing this, Riley has broken rule #1 of the E-Girl group which was that "an E-girl has another E-Girl's back," and gets kicked out. Also, because Riley called out Emily in front of the entire studio, holds a strong grudge against her and tells in the 1st episode of Season 2 that she no longer considers her to be her sister.

James Edit

James In the episode "The Next Step," Riley's friendship with James grew ever since when James was falling in his math and if he got a good mark on his test then she would go on a date with him. In the episode "Good Girls Gone Bad," Riley realizes that Michelle wants to go with them to see the Elite dance studio, so she asks James to watch over Michelle to make sure that nothing bad happens to her, which shows that Riley highly trusts James. She eventually gains a crush on James in the episode "Road to Joy" when James helps her get costumes for the studio's routine. In the episode "Sabatoge" she is heartbroken when she finds out that James is going to be pulled from the studio due to not passing his math exam. In Season 2, Riley decides to try to help James improve on his math hes hot

☀Riley breaks up with James in Season 2[22] after witnessing him kissing his ex-girlfriend, Beth.[21] James proposes that Riley creates a list of tasks for him to do to win her back, and Riley accepts.[24] After James completes it, Riley reprises her relationship with him.[25]

In Season 4 Riley breaks up with him because she found out that she had feelings for Alfie. but they get back together by the end of the season.


  • In the trailer a couple of sneak peeks encountering her and James romantic connection was shown, like hand holding, hugging and duet dancing together.
  • Her favourite band is Brighter Brightest!
  • Riley takes things very seriously, even when her surroundings are far more laid-back.
  • She is portrayed by Brittany Raymond.