General Information
Full Name Michelle
Gender Female
Troupe A-Troupe
Romances Hunter (Former)
Eldon (ex-boyfriend)
Others Riley (best friend)
First Episode Get The Party Started
Last Episode --
Played By Victoria Baldesarra
Michelle is the new student at The Next Step Troupe. She moved from Wisconsin to Canada, but at first does not fit in too well. Emily is jealous of her, so tries to make Michelle's life a misery, but Michelle is stronger than that. So she stands up to her in several incidents and is now dance captain. She is the partner and friend of Emily, West, Giselle and Thalia. She is also the ex-partner and ex-girlfriend of Hunter, the partner and best friend of Riley and James and the partner and ex-girlfriend of Eldon.

Relationships             Edit


MIchelle has a minor crush on Eldon. While Eldon feels the same way about her, he is dating Emily and must make a decision on how he feels about Emily anymore.


Emily hated Michelle because she felt threatened by her cause she is such a good dancer and Eldon liked her.

Trivia Edit

  • Michelle is played by Victoria Baldesarra.
  • She is a main character and is pressumably in Season 6.
  • Her parents are divorced.
  • She has a cat named Tiggy.

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