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Jiley's duet.

Riley is the pairing between James and Riley.

Jiley MomentsEdit

Theme SongEdit

  • Riley and James are dancing together

Get the Party StartedEdit

  • When James is dancing, Stephanie teases Riley about blushing.
  • Riley is looking at James when he is auditioning for A-troupe.

Dance, DanceEdit

  • When Michelle's team is warming up in Studio B, they are playing Dancimals and right after The boys of the next step

starts pretending to be an elephant, James comments that his favourite animal is the elephant.

Rock and a Hard PlaceEdit

  • James gets Riley a gift (Natural Spring mountain water).
  • RIley confides in James and asks for his opinion.

Steal My SunshineEdit

  • James helps Riley find her lost necklace by using a metal detector.
  • James is the one who came up with the idea.
  • James admits that he is finding the necklace for Riley, not Emily

Good Girls Go BadEdit

  • Riley asks James to look after Michelle as he is the only one that Riley will trust.

Love StoryEdit

  • James says Riley has some kind of kryptonite and he "digs it".
  • Riley goes to James for help.
  • James tells Riley to be his duet partner (as opposed to asking her). She doesn't mind this, and just goes with it.

Just the Two of UsEdit

  • Riley and James practice and perform their duet.
  • Riley says she's finally starting to like "this James", while James says he's finally getting Riley to like him.

Video Killed the Radio StarEdit

  • James and Riley hang out a lot.
  • James helps Riley get back her confidence.
  • Brighter Brightest say that Riley and James have "chemistry".
  • Brighter Brightest say that Riley and James are the focus of the music video
  • Riley and James slowdance and James puts his arm around her in the music video.
  • James gets Riley the autograph of her favourite band.
  • In the music video James is carrying Riley on his back.
The Next Step cast Brighter Brightest = 03:07

The Next Step cast Brighter Brightest = "Way Back Down" video

Road to JoyEdit

  • James comes to pick up the costumes with Riley because he wants to spend more time with her.
  • Riley and James do a dance together to get the shopowners to let them inside.
  • At the end of this episode, Riley is seen holding James' hand on the bus.

Can You Keep a SecretEdit

  • James and Riley are buying drinks together at The Squeeze.
  • When James auditions for the solo feature, Riley starts blushing and smiling while watching him dance.
  • James and Riley work together to make Michelle Dance Captain.
  • When they were showing previous episodes James was so excited when Riley held his hand, using the words "Check it out, Riley's holding my hand"

Get It TogetherEdit

  • Riley and James continue to work togther to make Michelle Dance Captain
  • James and Riley are standing together during Chloe/Michelle and Emily/E-Girls fight
  • At the end of the episode, they are sitting at Squeezed together


  • James gets pulled from A-Troupe and Riley is seen crying and admits that she doesn't want to see him go


  • Riley agrees to go on a date with James if he gets a 70 on his next math test

Forget YouEdit

  • Riley and James video chat
  • Riley feels that every math question he answers correctly is showing that he likes her even more and she hopes he aces his math test

Brand NewEdit

  • Riley agrees to go to James' school and teach him the dance
  • Riley helps him study
  • Riley believes in him
  • Riley and James dance together

First DateEdit

  • James gets a B+ on his math test- hug
  • Riley and James go on a date
  • They slow dance and they kiss

We are FamilyEdit

  • Riley starts to become scared at thr thought of religions
  • James helps her get though it
  • confirm relationship

Price TagEdit

  • Riley and James sit together at the restaurant

Bad Moon RisingEdit

  • James' kisses Riley as part of a dare
  • Riley is glad to show A-Troupe that they are a couple.
  • They also danced together at the end of the episode and then he kissed her cheek.

The Next Step Aftershow Episode 6Edit

  • When asked who his secret crush is, he said, Riley.

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