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Meet Riley from The Next Step - YouTube Exclusive

Meet Riley from The Next Step - YouTube Exclusive

Jiley is the pairing between James and Riley.

Jiley Season 1Edit

Theme SongEdit

  • Riley and James are dancing together

Get the Party StartedEdit

  1. James
    When James is dancing, Stephanie teases Riley about blushing.
  2. Riley looks happy.

Dance, DanceEdit

  • When Michelle's team is warming up in Studio B, they are playing Dancimals and right after the boys start pretending to be an elephants, James comments that his favourite animal is the elephant.

Rock and a Hard PlaceEdit

  • James gets Riley a gift (Natural Spring mountain water).
  • Riley confides in James and asks for his opinion.

Steal My SunshineEdit

  • James helps Riley find her lost necklace by using a metal detector.
  • James is the one who came up with the idea.
  • James admits that he is finding the necklace for Riley, not Emily and Riley really appreciates it.

Good Girls Go BadEdit

  • Riley asks James to look after Michelle as he is the only one that Riley will trust.

The Next Step Aftershow Episode 6Edit

  • When asked who his secret crush is, he said, Riley.

Love Story Edit

  • James says Riley has some kind of kryptonite and he "digs it".
  • Riley goes to James for help.
  • James tells Riley to be his duet partner (as opposed to asking her). She doesn't mind this, and just goes with it.

Just the Two of UsEdit

  • Riley and James practice and perform their duet.
  • Riley says she's finally starting to like "this James", while James says he's finally getting Riley to like him.

Video Killed the Radio StarEdit

  • James and Riley hang out a lot.
  • James helps Riley get back her confidence.
  • Brighter Brightest say that Riley and James have "chemistry".
  • Brighter Brightest say that Riley and James are the focus of the music video
  • Riley and James slowdance and James puts his arm around her in the music video. jemima hall is epic
  • James gets Riley the autograph of her favourite band.
  • In the music video James is carrying Riley on his back.
The Next Step cast Brighter Brightest = "Way Back Down" video

The Next Step cast Brighter Brightest = "Way Back Down" video

Road to JoyEdit

  • James comes to pick up the costumes with Riley because he wants to spend more time with her.
  • Riley and James do a dance together to get the shopowners to let them inside.
  • At the end of this episode, Riley is seen holding James' hand on the bus.

Can You Keep a SecretEdit

  • James and Riley are buying drinks together at The Squeeze.
  • When James auditions for the solo feature, Riley starts blushing and smiling while watching him dance.
  • James and Riley work together to make Michelle Dance Captain.
  • When they were showing previous episodes James was so excited when Riley held his hand, using the words "Check it out, Riley's holding my hand"

Get It TogetherEdit

  • Riley and James continue to work togther to make Michelle Dance Captain
  • James and Riley are standing together during Chloe/Michelle and Emily/E-Girls fight
  • At the end of the episode, they are sitting at Squeezed together


  • James gets pulled from A-Troupe and Riley is seen crying and admits that she doesn't want to see him go


  • Riley makes a deal with James: if he can score 70 or higher on his math exam she will go on a date with him. James agrees saying it's the best deal he's ever made

Forget YouEdit

  • Riley and James video chat
  • Riley feels that every math question he answers correctly is showing her that he likes her even more and she hopes he aces his math test

Brand NewEdit

  • Riley agrees to go to James' school and teach him the dance
  • Riley helps him study
  • Riley believes in him
  • Images-0
    Riley and James dance together

First DateEdit

  • James gets a B+ on his math test- hug
  • Riley and James go on a date
  • They slow dance
  • They kiss

We are FamilyEdit

  • Riley starts to become scared at the thought of relationship
  • James helps her get though it
  • And they confirm relationship

Price TagEdit

  • Riley and James sit together at the restaurant

Bad Moon RisingEdit

  • James wins the opportunity to pick the movie for the team to watch but, instead gives the chose to Riley.
  • James' kisses Riley as part of a dare
  • Riley is glad to show A-Troupe that they are a couple.
  • James scares Riley in a chicken costume (she is scared of chickens). The girls end up getting back at him.
  • They also danced together at the end of the episode and then he kissed her cheek.

This is How We Do It Edit

  • During the A-Troupe routine Riley's feather falls out of her hair eliminating the team from the competition.
  • Riley feels awful that she cost the team the Regionals.
  • James reminds the team that they are still eligible for the wildcard spot, cheering Riley up.
  • They make it to the next round!!!
  • Riley is annoyed that James won't take the compitition seriously.
  • After their routine Riley pulls James aside and apologizes, realizing that they both handle stress differently.

Winner Takes It All Edit

  • Before their final performance Riley notices Beth who tells James she loves him. James returns to Riley and lies to her and says it was nothing.
  • After winning Regionals, James spins Riley around and kisses her.

Season 2 Edit

Don't Stop the Party Edit

  • The episode starts with them dancing together. Riley says that she's glad she won Regionals with James. James thinks that their relationship is going great.
  • Riley notices everybody at the studio is calling them Jiley.
  • Riley asks James if he notices that Beth looks at him alot.. He doesn't.
  • James is confronted by Beth about her telling him she loves him. Riley notices but says that James' is a loyal boyfriend and she can trust him. She quickly goes over and takes James away from Beth.

My Boyfriend's Back Edit

  • James and Riley are seen sitting together with James' arm around her.
  • Riley and James talk discuss whether the competition was a good idea or not.

Ready to Start Edit

  • Riley is starting to get sick of Beth because she is all over James and hopes Beth doesn't make it into A-Troupe.
  • She is not happy when she hears Beth's name called.

The Final Cut Edit

  • Riley and James are trying to work on the choreography alone together when Beth intrupts them and asks James to help her. Riley is annoyed.

The Girl Is Mine Edit

  • After Beth is cut, James is asked to do a duet with her leaving Riley angry.
  • After seeing Beth and James struggling to do their routine Riley steps in and does the dance with James. Showing that they have a ton of passion and chemistry for each other.

It Takes Two Edit

  • James tells Riley a funny story about his aunt and uncle and Riley doesn't understand it.
  • They do an amazing duet routine together.
  • Riley goes to tell James that they got the duet for Nationals and she sees him kiss Beth. She runs away crying.

What'll I Do Edit

  • Riley gives James a chance to come clean about the kiss but, instead he lies to her face.
  • James dances for Riley and begs her to forgive him. Just as she begins to believe him, Beth walks in and reminds her of what happened.
  • She leaves the room telling James their over.
  • Riley dances Beth and James' duet imagining James was dancing with her instead.

Never Enough Edit

  • Riley feels betrayed that James still did the duet with Beth but still congratulates him on his 2nd place win. Although she is upset a part of her misses him.

Time to Move On Edit

  • Riley and James have lost the chemistry in their duet routine.
  • Riley later sees James and Beth together assuming that they are on a date and decides to move on.
  • James overhears a guy named Charlie ask Riley out making him really upset.
  • Riley waits at the studio for an hour and James doesn't show for rehearsal (he doesn't show up because he's on a date with Beth).
  • Riley leaves and goes on a date with Charlie (which doesn't go well)

The Truth Comes Out Edit

  • James is mad at Riley and Michelle for not taking Eldon's side.

Sing Edit

  • James sees Riley with Charlie and it make him really mad.
  • During Charlie's performance Riley can't help but look at James. James wants to turn around and look at Riley but is worried that she won't be looking at him.
  • If Charlie didn't back out of his duet with Beth, James wouldn't have done the duet and would still be with Riley
  • Although Riley is there with Charlie but James is all she wants to see.

You're the One That I Want Edit

  • Thalia and Giselle challenge James and Riley for the duet spot at Nationals after seeing their progress on the routine
  • Riley leaves rehearsals because she doesn't want to argue with James anymore
  • Riley askes James if he wants to fight for the routine (actually meaning their relationship). He says no and they both walk away giving up the duet spot.

Hazy Shade of Winter Edit

  • Thalia and Giselle both explain to Riley and James that the duet challenge was fake and was supposed to make Riley and James work harder. Neither of them want the duet back.
  • Later James bumps into Riley as he walks home wanting to talk to her. Riley asks him where Beth is and James says she is like a moth and he is her lightbulb (but not the brightest one). They both think that they had everything together. Riley walks away from him.

Game On Edit

  • As Riley is practicing for her solo audition, James walks in and watches her. When she finishes James tells her she good. When she says it still needs work he says no your perfect, the dance is perfect.
  • She says she misses James more than he will ever know but tells him she's to nervous for him to come to her audition.
  • She goes to see James later to make sure she didn't hurt his feelings. He realizes that she went out of her way to see him and has opened the doors to fixing there relationship.
  • Images-2
    As she walks away James stops her and tells her that he's not ok with them being broken up and is going to get her back, he messed up and he's sorry but will get her back. They hold hands.
  • All Riley wanted throughout this whole situation was for him to say he'll fight for her, and now he has. She tells him we'll see, which in James' mind is a yes.

Make A Plan to Love Me Edit

  • James sits beside Riley and trys to put his arm around her and she pushes him away. She tells him that they aren't back together she was thinking about the idea of getting back together. James tells her to make a list of anything she wants and he will do it and once he completes it they're back together. She agrees and they shake on it. The first thing on her list is to break up with Beth.
  • After trying to break up with Beth multiple times James asks Riley if there is anything else he can do on the list instead. She hands him her list (20 tasks).
  • Task 2 is to read Riley's diary out loud at Culture Shock as it were his diary
  • He goes on stage and reads it, making a fool out of himself, which makes Riley happy.
  • James shows up later to return her diary mentioning that one of her entries was about a new boy joining the gym he is goofy but cute...really cute (it was James). Riley denies it saying she was talking about Eldon.

Sacrifice Edit

  • James tell Riley he is working on #11 (which is creating a new dance move named after her)
  • James later shows Riley his new dance move "The Riley Roll-up" (which is named after her habit of rolling up her shorts)
  • She mentions that he still hasn't done #1 yet. Which they can't get back together unless he and Beth are broken up. He tells her that he's still working on that and quickly runs away.

Heartbreaker Edit

  • James is trying to find a 4 leafed clover and shows Riley a book, 2 four leafed clovers taped together and a 4 leafed clover tattoo, that Eldon drew on his arm with, her name at the bottom. She doesn't accept any of them.
  • Beth shows up later with a 4 leafed clover saying although she loves James he loves Riley more and she wants James to be happy.
  • He gives it to Riley completing the task

Hello Trouble Edit

  • James has to spend the day with Emily in order to learn something Riley doesn't know about her (Task #10)
  • James tells Emily that he loves Riley
  • Later Riley shows up outside the costume room seeing Emily and James laughing together. James tells Riley that he knows something she doesn't know about Emily

Lost Edit

  • James spends the whole day working on Task #8 (a riddle).
  • He asks Riley to play a part in the riddle and asks for a hug when it's completed.
  • They hug and leave the room in James' fake boat

Better Than This Edit

  • In order to complete task #9 James has to get his driver's license.
  • James doesn't want to but reluctantly agrees.
  • James asks Riley to hang out. She says not until he completes the tasks
  • Riley goes with James to do his driver's test. He is nervous so she tells him if he completes the task she'll pay for both of them to go to the drive in that night. They shake on it.
  • He introduces Riley as his girlfriend, which she corrects him and he says for now.
  • He tricks Riley into believing he failed the test when he passes

Under Pressure Edit

  • Instead of doing number #7 Riley volunteers James for a First Aid class. He agrees but only if she does it with him.
  • At the class they get partnered up with other people
  • James is forced to do mouth-to-mouth on an old lady. When he looks to Riley for help but all she says is do you want this relationship. So he has to kiss her.
  • Finally when he gets to work with Riley, she has to leave to help Emily. He helps get her kicked out of the class

Just Dance Edit

  • James shows up really excited, to show everyone that he got his First Aid Certificate which completes the list.
  • He then announces that because he finished the list Riley and him are back together and trys to hug her.
  • Jiley get back together
    She pushes him away and tells him that Amanda betrayed them leaving them 1 person short for Nationals.
  • She pulls him aside and asks him to get Michelle back to the studio which he accepts for Riley.
  • After getting Michelle back he asks Riley if they are back together now and they kiss.

Water It Edit

  • James and Riley are finding it awkward between them now that they are back together
  • Thalia and Giselle give James and Riley there duet routine back.
  • They have some trouble trying to find there old chemistry.
  • Later Riley surprises James with a picnic and they decide to start fresh ignoring their past relationship.
  • They slow dance, kiss and hug.

Re-Match Edit

  • Riley and James are seen sitting together watching the Elite Male Soloist.
  • They are also dancing together at the Dance.

I Don't Know Edit

  • Riley asks James if he's ok. He is really conflicted about doing the b-twist during the boy's routine.
  • After not doing the b-twist during the boy's dance she tells him to do it during their duet.
  • Images-5
    James decides to do it because Riley believes in him.
  • After the dance Riley tells Jame she loves him.
  • They kiss infront of the audience on stage.
  • After they win Nationals James spins Riley around and kisses her (just like when they won Regionals)
  • James and Riley are later seen in his car talking about losing the studio