James is funny, outgoing, adventerous and awsome fun. James is also caring as seen in the episode "Steal My Sunshine" where he saves Riley's necklace.


Relationships Edit


Ex Novia

James dated Beth and also another dancer from B-troupe

as he said in "Good Girls Go Bad," yet they seem to remain just friends as of now. In "Winner takes All" Beth comes to see James perform for regional's and confronts to him she still loves him. 



He is currently dating Riley, and it has been hinted that she too has some feelings for him, since they held hands in one episode, and had been hanging out together for a very long time now. They've hung out more often ever since Riley got kicked out of the E-Girls. In the episode 'First Date' he set up a date for Riley by getting different foods from around the world. Afterwards, they slow dance and have their first kiss. In the episode "We Are Family," Riley and James become a couple.


He pulled up his math grades (B+) and goes on a date with Riley.