J-Troupe, stands for Junior Troupe. The kids don't have pressure of regionals, or making it into A-Troupe like the other troupes because it is about having fun and learning about dance. A-Troupe says they are the next generation of dancers. The J-Troupe dancers first appear in Rock and a Hard Place where Daniel volunteers to choreograph for them. Tiffany manipulates them though and convinces them to be rotten to Daniel. In season two Kate informs J-Troupe that there will be auditions and some dancers might not make it. The troupe is not happy as they have never had to audition for J-Troupe before. Rachelle (because she wants to be dance captain in the future) tries to bargain with Kate to get all the original J-Troupers guarenteed spots, but it doesn't work. Emily and Hunter hold the auditions to make Michelle jealous and it totally works. All the original J-Troupers still end up making it and Gabi's sister, Becca, does too. All the J-Troupers think that Rachelle really came through for them and she doesn't tell them the truth. Two J-Troupe Members (Noah and Rachelle) auditioned for the A-Troupe Nationals team and both made the top 20. Noah and Rachelle later auditioned for the internationals team, where Noah made the team by beating Abi (an elite dancer) and Rachelle lost to Max (an elite dancer) Richelle later moved up to B-troupe. Abi joins B-Troupe and immedietly bonds with Rachelle. Noah develops a huge crush on Abi and she likes him too. Unfortunately Rachelle later realizes that she has a crush on Noah as well and is very jealous and often gets mad at Noah. The main J-Troupe members mentioned in the 3 seasons of tns are Gabi, Becca, Camille, (formerly) Noah and (formerly) Richelle and Josh!