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None Everybody Dance Now


The plot of this episode is pretty much them explaining the concept of The Next Step Studio. It tells the story of how Kate became the owner of the studio and the reason is because her mother was the previous owner of the studio and passed it on to her. They begin the auditions for the ten spots in A-troupe and at the same time they introduce the characters. The try outs begin with the auditioners being split into four groups and it starts off with Daniel, West , Emily, and Stephanie . Emily states that she will make it into A-troupe because she has been in it for three year and has been dance captain for one year. The second group contains Beth , Riley , Charlie, and Chloe. It shows how overprotective Emily is of Riley and that the E-girls took Chloe under their wings. Group three contains two unknown guys, a unknown girl, and Tiffany. Then Kate announces the final group that contains James, Eldon, and Giselle but then a unknown guest walks in (Michelle ). Kate and Chris talk to Michelle in their office and Emily walks in to eavesdrop and she finds out that Michelle was dance captain at her old school, and that she has been dancing since she was three. Kate and Chris allows her to audition because of her experience. The E-girlls relaxs Emily by telling her that Michelle is not a good dancer by the looks of it and that her audition will be hilarious. Everyone auditions including Emily and everybody takes back what they thought about her before except Emily. After all the auditions Stephanie runs over to the E-girls and tells them that Michelle was "Miss Natonal Soloist" and then in privacy Michelle says she wants to be treated normally and that's why nobody can know that she's "Miss National Soloist". Later at  the juice bar the E-girls are sitting and gossiping about who they think will make it and West comes from the studio and tells them that Kate and Chris are posting the list and the episode ends with everybody gathering aroung the list that contains the information of who made it into A-troupe.


During most of the auditions there were slideshows of their past dance experience

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