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.Get the Party Started. Dance, Dance

Dance now


The episode starts off with a preview of the previous episode "Get the Party Started". The episode reveals who made it into A-troupe and the ten who made it all do a dance number together. Riley says "it's the best that she gets to be with her friends and family for a whole nother year, West and Tiffany are excited, and some are not surprised they got in like James and Emily. Then it cuts to a scene of everybody looking at the list and it is revealed that Giselle did not make it into A-troupe. Riley says that it's an honor to be in A-troupe because you have to work to get in it and work hard to stay in it. Emily says that she deserves it and that she pretty much is A-troupe. Stephanie feels sorry for Giselle and of course Emily blames everything on Michelle. Meanwhile Eldon tries to ask out Emily and James talks to Beth. Beth tells James that she misses him and James says don't worry about it and in private James says he decided to break it off with Beth because he's in A-troupe and needs to focus on dancing. Kate and Chris discuss that they have to pick a dance captain and Chris thinks it should be Michelle because she was dance captain at her last studio and Kate thinks it should be Emily because she is responsible and was dance captain the year before. At the juice bar Emily introduces the most important rules of E-girls to Chloe and Giselle tries to sit with them. Emily tells Giselle that she can't be in E-girls because she is not in A-troupe and Riley does not agree with that decision. Giselle goes to studio "A" to give it a proper goodbye by dancing and she says she got way to comfortable. Later Giselle and Riley are walking together talking about Riley's new kittens and Giselle asks if Emily is trying to get her back in and Riley says she has been talking about it. Eldon and James are teaching the J-troupe and we find out James is having troubles in math. Michelle tries to sit with the E-girls but they kick her out and West comforts her. Stephanie tricks Michelle into going to studio "B" so she'll be late and there Giselle tells her to be careful. When Michelle arrives back at studio "A" Kate is upset with her. Kate and Chris says that there will be competition between Michelle and Emily for the spot as dance captain.

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