Dance captainFull Name = Emily
General Information
Full Name Unknown
Gender Female
Troupe A-Troupe (formerly)
Romances Eldon (ex-boyfriend)
Hunter (ex-boyfriend)
West (ex-boyfriend)
Others Riley (sister)
Stephanie (best friend)
Tiffany (best friend)
First Episode Episode 1
Last Episode ---
Played By Alexandra Beaton
Emily a contemporary dancer, and she was the Dance Captain at the Next Step Studio, and the leader of the E-Girls. Emily Was the meanest girl then she changed.However her sister is Riley .Emily took her position as team captain very seriously, and sometimes she's really hard on the team because she wants the A-Troupe to reach the regional finals. Sometimes she forgets that what she thinks isn't always the best for the troupe. When Michelle first arrives at the dance studio, Emily immediately feels threatened by her.  In the Season 1 finale Emily gets de-throned as Dance Captain and replaced by Michelle. When Kate and Chris make the rest of the dancers vote for the new Dance Captain, everybody votes for Michelle except for Stephanie who votes for Emily. Emily is heartbroken, and is shown crying later on.

Personality Edit

During the first season, Emily can be seen as judgemental and bossy, mainly due to the prescense of Michelle, and her position as Dance Captain/E-Girls Leader. After losing her position to the mean Michelle, her personality dies down a lot as she feels neglected by the other members. When her relationship with Eldon begins, though, she becomes a lot nicer and forgiving. She sheds the cruelness of her past dance captain reign, and joins with Michele to become co-captains, leading her to truly become a better person. 

There are two main parts to Emily's character. The bossy, rough wall she puts up, and the sensitive inside. Both sides come up a surplus amount of times in the series and are easily identifiable, for they make up most of Emily's personality. 


Emily is sometimes shown to be bossy. Emily also likes to get her own way. She tries to keep her emotions seperate from the studio. Emily is beautiful and really intelligent she is very beautiful girl. Emily can be nice



La Mejor Amiga

Stephanie is Emily's BFF they couldn't be split apart and there isn't anything that she wouldn't do for Emily. Emily is also shown to be proud and supportive of Stephanie as well when she announces that she has an agent and is on her way into becoming a triple threat. In the episode "Dance, Dance," Stephanie helps throw off Michelle's routine in order to help Emily keep her position as dance caption, and is also the only one in the Next Step studio to vote for Emily over Michelle to be the new dance captain in the episode "Sabatoge." When Emily returns to the Next step in "Dancing in the Streets" Emily and Stephanie make up and becomes best friends again. 


Hermana Menor

Emily used to have a close relationship with her sister, Riley, as Emily was rather protective of her. Yet in the episode "Rock and a Hard Place," Emily put Riley in the front row for their regionals routine despite not being the strongest dancer and Michelle has been put in the back despite being the strongest dancer. Riley decides that this isn't right and announces that Michelle deserves to be in the front row, and that Emily did not give Kate and Chris any input. By doing this, Riley has broken rule #1 of theE-Girl group which was that "an E-girl has another E-Girl's back," and gets kicked out. Also, because Riley called out Emily in front of the entire studio, Emily holds a strong grudge against her and tells in the 1st episode of Season 2 that she no longer considers her to be her sister. In the episode "Sabatoge," Emily finds out that Riley made the plan along with James of dethroning her as Dance Captain behind her back, and helped Michelle come up with the new routine for Regionals. To Emily, this adds insult to the injury and only strengthens her grudge against Riley.

In the episode "We Are Family," Riley attempts to talk to Emily and make ammends with her when she stops by the Elite studio. She tries to apologize to her, but Emily does not forgive her. Later, Riley finds Emily walking at the park and tries to talk to her again, and confesses to Emily that she wants to be her sister and she still loves her, which convinces Emily to forgive her. Since then, they're on good terms.


See Eldony


Emily loves Eldon, but she doesn't see it her self. In the episode "Love Story" Emily accepts a date from Eldon thinking that his dancing is being affected by her rejecting all of his offers (at least that's what James told her). During their date she did not have a good time with all the fidgeting he did, and he being overall nervous. At the end of the date they head back to the studio where he asks if Emily liked to go on another date which she turns him down. After that he asks her why she doesn't like him and Emily states it's because "he tries too hard" so he begins to show her who he is the only way he knows how by dancing. Near the end of the dance he jumps over her head and in private Emily admits "She never saw him do anything like that" and may have shown signs that Emily may have gained a crush on Eldon.

Yet, in the episode "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," Eldon does a grand romantic gesture towards Emily in front of the entire studio, and asks her to be his girlfriend. Emily is humiliated and rejects him, which breaks Eldon's heart. Later, she is seen with Stephanie and Tiffany at The Squeeze, who gossip and make fun of Eldon and what he did. It is shown that Emily feels a little bad about what she did and that she shouldn't have been so hard on him.

In the episode Sabatoge, when Eldon gets over Emily and chooses Michelle to be the new dance captain, Emily feels betrayed by him.

By the first episode of Season 2, Eldon comforts Emily when she's sitting in the studio by herself and this is where Emily confesses that she refuses to follow Michelle's routine because she is incapable of following the dance moves. So Eldon teaches her, and in return Emily hugs him, which Michelle catches and does not take well. When Emily finds out that she's put in the back row, she feels downgraded and sits alone yet again only at that point in Studio B. Eldon comforts her again and tells her that she didn't deserve to be in the back row. Emily then kisses Eldon. By the third episode of Season 2, when the Next Step studio realizes that Emily and Stephanie have left to join Elite, Eldon goes all the way to Elite  to check on Emily and tell her that the Next Step studio is holding A-Troupe auditions, as well as to ask her the current state of their relationship since their first kiss. It is confirmed after that they're an official couple. But, eldon kinda started to have feelings for michelle as emily was at elite, a couple of episodes later BAM, emily and eldon are split, than eldon dates michelle after.. than this new guy from the next step named Hunter (kate calls this the love sqaure) is looking for michelle, saying that hes her boyfriend. Michelle explains that she is dateing eldon. emily and hunter meet, they create a plan to break up michelle and eldon, later emily and hunter satrt to have feelings for each other,

emily soon gets over eldon.


Amiga Y Las Co _Capitanas De Baile

Michelle is the best and should be made dance captain. She is very pretty. I don't know why Emily hates her.Emily hates Michelle, especially where Emily refuses to except Michelle's offer of becoming friends and working together at the beginning of Season 2. The second season also reveals that Emily isn't very confident about her own dancing, and realizing that Michelle is one of the strongest dancers, this could be the reason why she's threatened by her. Emily also realizes that Michelle has a crush on Eldon and calls her out on it, and accuses her of putting her in the back row for their new Regionals routine because of it. In "Can't fight this feeling", Emily has a little chat with Michelle at Elite and says she won't come back because it's only about Daniel's torn ligaments. In the next episode, Emily and Michelle form a co-captain

As regional's come and Michele and Eldon flirt, Emily finally asks Eldon if he had feelings for Michele. Eldon, without regretting anything admitted his true feelings to Emily. Emily immediately hated Michele once again and was furious on how Michele has taken everything from her. They now Emily doesn't like her and are on bad terms. However she pretends she still is okay with michele


  • Alexandra Beaton is the actress who plays as Emily
  • Alexandra is also in a movie called "300"