The Elite Dance Academy is The Next Step's main competition. It seems as though Elite is a very strict studio, with a possible uniform. At the end of Season 2, Lucien proposes a merger between the two studios and it is presumed by Kate's comment that they will merge.


The Elite members are potrayed by:

  • Logan Fabbro AKA Amanda (Former)
  • Allain Lupien AKA Lucien
  • Jamie O'Leary AKA Tess
  • Devon Brown AKA Max(Former)
  • Sarah Di lorio
  • Jennifer Taylor AKA Jen
  • Mackenzie Grant AKA Mackenzie 
  • Cierra Healey AKA Cierra (Former)
  • Skylar Healey AKA Skylar (Former)
  • Nicholas Domenic Moriano AKA Nick
  • Regan Reynolds AKA Regan