Eldony is the pairing between Eldon and Emily. Emily can't stand Eldon but Eldon has a huge crush on her. But in the episode Sabotage, Emily develops one on Eldon and he stops crushing on her.

Eldony MomentsEdit

Get the Party StartedEdit

  • Eldon approaches Emily during auditions and asks her out.
  • Eldon says the reason he dances is for Emily.

Everybody Dance NowEdit

  • Eldon asks Emily out again but is shot down because Emily is upset that Giselle didn't make it into A-Troupe.

Dance, DanceEdit

  • Eldon is put on Emily's team for the Dance Captain battle.
  • Eldon says that Emily's drive to win almost makes him like her more.

Rock and a Hard PlaceEdit

  • Emily grabs Eldon's hand/wrist and brings him to his place in the dance line up. 

Steal My SunshineEdit

  • Eldon wishes Emily was at the beach.

Good Girls Go BadEdit

  • Eldon pretends the Elite spy mission is a date with Emily.

Love StoryEdit

  • Eldon asks Emily to be his duet partner but she says no.
  • Eldon finally gets his date with Emily after enlisting the help of James.
  • At the end of the date, Eldon asks for another but is shot down.
  • Eldon dances to prove his love for Emily. 
  • Emily says it was "cute" and "nice".
  • On Picture 1 Emily is looking at Eldons dick!
  • Emily and Eldon danced together.
  • Eldon flips over Emily.
  • Emily lets him be her duet partner.

Just the Two of UsEdit

  • Emily and Michelle fight over Eldon for his partnership in the duets.
  • Michelle accuses Emily of having a crush on Eldon.

Can You Keep a SecretEdit

  • Eldon tells Emily that her shoe is untied, and when Emily ignores him, he ties it for her, hoping it would seem romantic.
  • Eldon is seen carrying Emily's bag and putting it in her cubby.

Get It TogetherEdit

  • Eldon thinks him and Emily are getting closer.
  • Emily says Eldon is "a little bit" cute.
  • Emily touches Eldon's hand.

Don't Go Breaking My HeartEdit

  • Eldon does a grand gesture towards Emily (even though she doesn't appreciate it)


  • Eldon ends his crush on Emily, while she develops one on him.
  • Emily apologizes to Eldon for breaking his heart.
  • Eldon votes for Michelle instead of Emily but you could tell Emily wanted him to vote for her (herself).

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