Eldon is the best contemporary dancer but is amazing at all styles of dance. He doesn't take anything too seriously and just wants to have fun dancing and wants others to do the same. Eldon is one of the best dancers in the studio and a popular member of the troupe.

As of now Eldon is dating Emily. But he soon realizes his feelings for Michelle, he really wants to be with Michelle. He wants to be with Michelle but Emily is now back at The Next Step dance studio so it's harder to break up with her.


Eldon in general is really nice, yet he is shown to also be rather socially awkward. His crush on Emily also makes him seem delusional. Yet, he's very determined and is a very hard-working dancer. He is very cute and a bit of an child but loyal.



In the episode "Love Story" Emily accepts a date from Eldon thinking that his dancing is being affected by her rejecting all of his offers (at least that's what James told her). During their date she did not have a good time with all the fidgeting he did, and he being overall nervous. At the end of the date they head back to the studio where he asks if Emily liked to go on another date which she turns him down. After that he asks her why she doesn't like him and Emily states it's because "he tries too hard" so he begins to show her who he is the only way he knows how by dancing. Near the end of the dance he jumps over her head and in private Emily admits "She never saw him do anything like that" and may have shown signs that Emily may have gained a crush on Eldon.

Yet, in the episode "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," Eldon does a grand romantic gesture towards Emily in front of the entire studio, and asks her to be his girlfriend. Emily is humiliated and rejects him, which breaks Eldon's heart. Eldon runs off to Studio B to sit alone, where he is later comforted by Michelle and is shown the dance routine she planned with James and Riley for Regionals.

In the episode "Sabatoge", when Eldon gets over Emily and chooses Michelle to be the new dance captain, Emily feels betrayed by him.

By the first episode of Season 2, Eldon comforts Emily when she's sitting in the studio by herself and this is where Emily confesses that she refuses to follow Michelle's routine because she is incapable of following the dance moves. So Eldon teaches her, and in return Emily hugs him, which Michelle catches and does not take well. When Emily finds out that she's put in the back row, she feels downgraded and sits alone yet again only at that point in Studio B. Eldon comforts her again and tells her that she didn't deserve to be in the back row. Emily then kisses Eldon. By the third episode of Season 2, when the Next Step studio realizes that Emily and Stephanie have left to join Elite, Eldon goes all the way to Elite  to check on Emily and tell her that the Next Step studio is holding A-Troupe auditions, as well as to ask her the current state of their relationship since their first kiss. It is confirmed after that they're an official couple. However, in the episode "We Are Family," Eldon begins to have stronger feelings for Michelle.

Eldon and Emily eventually break up in the Season 1 finale, because Eldon finally admitted his true feelings for Michelle. thank you for reading give me a fums up if you liked my story



In "Steal my Sunshine," Eldon went to the beach with Daniel , James ,Giselle West , & Riley just to get to know Michelle a little more and after that single day, they got closer. In the episode "We are Family," Eldon & Michelle finally recite their duet and after the recital, Eldon begins to have stronger feelings for Michelle. In the episode "Come Back...Be Here", Eldon confesses to Michelle that he fell in love with Michelle after they planned on doing the duet. Emily later comes back and in, "Can't fight this feeling", Eldon rejects Michelle, but still loves her.

In the Season 1 Finale, Michelle and Eldon are finally together, due to Eldon telling Emily his true feelings towards Michelle.

Unlike Emily, Stephanie, Tiffany, Chloe, Riley and Giselle, Eldon does not hate Michelle as soon as she comes into the studio. He is clearly in love with Emily and pays no attention to Michelle. Michelle, however is hinted to have small feelings for Eldon. When Eldon is rejected by Emily, Michelle feels that he could be a good teammate and asks him to join the team to overthrow Emily. He rejects, and tells them that it is a bad idea but decides not to tell the E-Girls. When the team is asked to pick between Michelle and Emily, Eldon chooses Michelle, possibly because he is tired of Emily, and he is starting to like Michelle.

This, however changes when Emily reveals her big secret to Eldon, and they share a kiss. They start dating, while Michelle develops her crush on Eldon to the point where she admits it to the viewer.  When Emily goes to Elite, it is harder to continue their relationship, but they try. To spend more time with him, she asks Kate to give her permission to do a duet with Eldon. After rehearsing a few times, Eldon realizes that Michelle is nicer and a lot easier to work with than Emily and eventually decides that he loves Michelle and not Emily. When he admits it to Michelle, he tells her that it will easy to break up with Emily now that she is at Elite.

Gabriella Edit

Some episodes after the beginning of season 3, Eldon was late to go to the rehearsal and he had no one to drive him there. So, He took the bus where a girl accidentally spilled coffee on him. When he looked at her, he said she was beautiful and she thanks him. Days later, he decided to take the bus and meet her again. They talked and Eldon was late again. When he arrives to the Next Step studio, everyone was already dancing. Kate was not happy about his tardiness so she demanded an explanation. Eldon finally admitted the reason why he's late and Michelle overhears it. Michelle was, then, sad. Days are passing, he meets Gabriella in the park where they get to know each other. He learned that she's also a dancer.. at Elite. She's the new Captain at Elite: Amanda was kicked out.


  • Eldon is portrayed by Isaac Lupien