Daniel is a member of the A-troupe. Daniel is classically trained in ballet and contemporary dancing. Daniel hates drama, that's one reason he is not very social with the rest of the A-troupe. He doesn't agree with Emily's decisions but tends to keep it to himself and tries his very best every time he dances. 


Daniel's hair is short brown and he has brown eyes.

He usually wears a grey singlet with a bright red vest on top.



Giselle was the one who taught Daniel how to dance in hopes that one day they can dance together in A-troupe. Giselle and himself have a strong bond and still practice together even thougn Daniel is in A-troupe and she is in B-troupe. Giselle is the only one Daniel tends to talk to in the studio.


In the episode "Good Girls Go Bad",  Daniel stays after rehearsel in Studio "A" to practice, without knowledge that Daniel is in studio "A" , West walks in wanting to practice. At first, they had difficulties but then Daniel has the idea that they split the studio. Daniel is annoyed by the fact that West can't stay on his own side and that his music is too loud. West has an idea that they teach each other their dance styles and eventually merge their styles into one dance. From this experience Daniel learns how to "feel the music" and has a new understanding for West

Ballet meets Hip Hop - from episode 6 of "The Next Step"-001:30

Ballet meets Hip Hop - from episode 6 of "The Next Step"-0



  • He got awarded the solo part in A-troupe's regional routine.
  • He injured his ankle doing his solo audition, but has yet to tell anyone because he doesn't want his solo taken away from him
  • He sprained his ankle in the episode "Break Stuff" while attempting a helicopter jump which is very dangerous he cannot go to Regionals.This May end his dancing job and he won't be able to walk for months as it was a third grade sprain.He goes back to the studio to see every one but it is too much and he begins to cry as he knows they will carry on without him.

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