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.Everybody Dance Now. Rock and a Hard Place


The episode starts off from where it was left off in the last episode. Kate is pressuring Michelle into the competition to decide dance. Michelle agrees to the competition. Emily immediately chooses the E-girls but Chris stops her by saying that he will assign dancers to them. Emily is shocked by the way everything is changing in the studio. Emilly is assigned Eldon , Chloe , Daniel , and Tiffany because they want to see how she'll do with some of the new dancers. Michelle is assigned Riley , James , West , and Stephanie because they wanted to split up the E-girls to be fair. Emily's group gets studio "A" and Michelle's group gets studio "B". Stephanie is going to leak information to Emily because of E-girls rule #13. West is sitting at the juice bar and James walks in. West wants James to like him and the only way to do this is by challenging him to a dance battle. West walks up to James and randomly starts dancing. James gets freaked out and walks away. It goes to Emily's group who are practing the routine and Eldon says he is happy to be put in Emily's group because he sees this as a way to get closer to Emily. It cuts to Michelle's group. Riley says that she think that the group is good and West and James find out that Michellle is "Miss National Soloist". In Emily's group Tiffany says that "it's tough but at the end of the day it's going to be clean" and Eldon says "Emily's drive to win almost makes him like her more". Daniel asks for a break and Emily declines saying that they need to practice more. Meanwhile in Michelle's group they start their warm-ups. Michelle says in her old studio their warm-up was them dancing like animals. James dances like ape, West dances like a starfish, and then everyone except Stephanie. Then back at studio "A" Emily's group and Chloe has to leave early because of her job. She asks Emily but she declines and says to her get back into position. She says she'll have to get someone to cover for her. Michelle's group start their practice and Riley says it's great and it's something new. The dance supports everybody's ideas. Stephanie starts planning something to ruin the dance. Michelle asks if everybody is okay with the dance, everyone agree, and to herself Riley says it would've been best if they practiced more. Emily's group is exhausted. Riley goes to get her stuff and Emily walks up to her. Emily asks about the dance and Riley says it's great but it's probably not better than hers. Riley says that she's dissapointed that her sister is so threatened of Michelle and that it will probably hurt the troupe. James's mom is talking to Chris and says that she might have to pull him out of the studio because he is not doing at school and he has to be more focus. Chris said he will tutor James everyday after dance practice and his mom agreed to let him stay. At the juice bar the E-girls are talking about Michelle's routine and Stephanie says they barely practiced. Then Stephanie givs the hint that she's going to do something to the rountine and Riley says what ever it is she wishes the best for Michelle. West sitting with Daniel and Chloe since they were all friends in B-troupe. Then James walks up to the counter and orders a juice. West starts dancing in front of James and Chloe says he did this all the time no matter who you were and where you were. James leaves the juice bar with his juice. West gets back into the conversation like nothing ever happened. Emily's practicing with her group and when the dancers try to head for the juice bar but Emily makes them come back and they practice again. Later Kate and Chris call Michelle and Emily into their office and ask how their dance is coming. Emily says she needs one more hour and Michelle says their ready to go. Chris and Kate say that Emily had enough practice and that they will see their routines now. Emily goes first and right at the beginning of their routine emily snaps in Michelle's face. At the end of the routine West and James says it was bland and it only showcased Emily. Michelle's group starts their routine and Stephanie throws it. Michelle is confused because she said she was ready and Riley knows exactly whats going on. Kate asks what happened and Stephanie said she didn't practice enough. Kate points out that emily's dance was clean and she blames everything on Michelle. Riley says that Emily should've won fair and square. Later Riley confronts Emily and Michelle and says that it wasn't cool what they did to Michelle. Emily says Riley is breaking rule number one and questions if she is a E-girl anymore. Riley apologizes and Emily says it's okay and they have a group hug. Chris and Kate announce that Emily is dance captain. James is furious and Daniel says that Michelle's choreography was way better. Tiffany says Emily's the dance captain move on. The troupe gets in a big arguement and Stephanie says that Michelle's already breaking them apart when it was really her fault. Chris leaves and comes back with a box of ping pong balls. He does a dolphin tail to get their attention. He dumps all the balls out and says they have two minutes to pick them all up. During the clean up West challenges James to a dance battle which James actually accepts. Everybody joins in dancing and James says dance tore them apart and brought them together.

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