General Information
Full Name Chloe
Gender Female
Troupe A-Troupe
Romances Non
Others Gissele
First Episode Get The Party Started
Last Episode --
Played By Jennifer Pappas
Chloe is in her first year of A-troupe and recently got into E-girls and is struggling to keep her place in it. Chloe has to work a separate job to afford to the studio membership, costumes, and the contest fees. Chloe specialises in ballet.she


Chloe is shy and doesn't talk to many of the members of the studio. For a unknown reason Chloe has a fear of children. 

Relationships and suchEdit


Chloe had a decent relationship with Emily and the E-girls, yet wasn't seen communicating with them until later on in the series. However, there was some problems she had with Emily when Emily put her she is a poo studio in the episode "Can You Keep a Secret?" In the episode after that, Emily fakes her apology to Chloe to keep her position as dance captain and Chloe thinks that since she has been apologized to, that it would be a new improvement to their friendship. However, she is proven wrong when she starts to see how badly Emily still treats her and everyone in the studio and decides that she has had enough of her attitude, so she joins Michelle's , James's and Riley's plan into overthrowing Emily's position as dance captain.

In the episode "Sabatoge," she votes for Michelle to be the new dance captain over Emily

Ever since then, when Chloe didnt have enough money to go to regional's, Emily and the team gave her the money to go. Ever since then Emily and Chloe have been on good terms. 


Halfway through Season 1, Michelle and Chloe start becoming close friends. In "Can You Keep A Secret?" Michelle is boarding a metro bus to get home since her dad couldn't pick her up. When she boards the bus she see's Chloe in her uniform for her job. She asks why shes wearing that outfit and Chloe comes out and tells her, but she asks Michelle not to tell anyone especialy the E-Girls. Now that Michelle knows she knows what Chloe is going through and she tries to help her catch up with everyone in dance practice. When everyone is auditioning for the solo in Regionals (Get It Together) Chloe is late because of her job, so Michelle tries to cover for her but that leads to a arguement between the E-Girls and Michelle.

When Michele and the others try to take over Emily as dance caption, they ask Chloe to join the team to help overthrow Emily. Chloe says no at first, thinking its a terrible idea since Emily and her are on good terms, but eventually she accepts while considering it.

Ever since then, the've been good friends. 


Meet Chloe from "The Next Step"00:32

Meet Chloe from "The Next Step"


  • Jennifer Pappas is the actress that plays Chloe on the show
  • Chloe has a fear of children (But NOT in real life) and she overcomes her fear of children in season 2

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