The aftershow is a group that discusses episodes and asks questions a example is "Who do you think will make it into A-troupe. They help you get to know more about the characters of The Next Step and teaches you dance moves. The group is spit by team Michelle and team Emily





Aftershow #1

The group discusses the episod "Get the party started". They talk about who will make it to A-troupe and they all agree that Beth will not make it to A-troupe because there is no room for mistakes. The next discussion was about how confident James is saying that he'll will definitly make it into A-troupe. E-girls are oblivious to what their names mean they all think it's because their name ends with the sound of the letter "E" but it really stands for Emily-girls. They introduce OMD which stands for "Oh My Dance" where they pick a point in the episode that shocked them and the part was when Stephanie told the E-girls that Michelle is "Miss National soloist" and how Emily didn't care and she was a diva which was a lie because she was hiding the fact she is threatened by her. The poll question was "Do You Think Michelle Will Make It Imto A-troupe and you could answer either Yes. Shes a great dancer and deserves to be there, No. She's new and should start in B-troupe, It doesn't matter either way the A-troupe will be a strong team, or not sure. The highest percent of a chosen answer was 86% and it was for answer one. The "Get to know was about Michelle. Question one. Does Michelle play any sports, the answer is no, dance takes up to much of her time. Question two is. If you could dance with anyone who would it be and Michelle answer was Justin Bieber. Question three is. If she could be jam/jelly what type would she be and her answer is she would be strawberry. Question four is. What is her dream job and her response is she would like to do something with dancing or acting now that she has tried it. Question 5 is. Her favourite song to dance to and she answered Hey you by:Basement Jaxx because it is energetic and good to dance to. The dance style the group will learn is Ballet. Ballet is a classical dance, one of the first structured dances, it's the core of all dance movements, there is a certain way to do something, the good dancers float around the stage, and Eldon talks about Mikhail Baryshnikov. Chloe teaches the dance move.



The bonus video is the A-troupe talking about the A-troupe. They say the A-troupe is extremely hard to get into and how their the only team that gets to compete in the regionals. The wrap up is talking about Beth not making it, how Emily shouldn't make it because of her attitude, they should change the dance captains, and that they think that James will make it.

After show #2 

They discuss the episode "Everybody Dance Now". All the members approve the list except Lovell who thinks Emily should be in B-troupe. They talk about Kate and how she might not be fit enough, and tends to side with Emily and didn't really give Michelle a chance. The one thing they would change from the list is that Giselle should be in A-troupe but then they think Giselle could help make the B-troupe better. Then they switch the discussion to Chloe and how she should tell someone about her part-time job because the secret will be harder than the job itself and they think the job will teach her to work hard for her goal so it has its pros and cons. The "OMD, Oh My Dance"  moment was when Giselle walked up to the E-girls and Emily kicked her out. For that they say Giselle should not be friends with the E-girls and that Emily is too strict. The poll question was "Are the E-girls Bad For the Team". The answers were either Yes. The E-girls are just deviding the team, No. The E-girls support each other, which is important, Sort of. It's good to have a close group of friends but Emily should include everybody, or not sure. Highest percent of a chosen answer was 50% and it was answer three. Asha was surprised they have two different groups because it's only excluding a few members and it could cause tension. The "Get to Know" was about Giselle. Question one. Are you named after anyone and she answered "No. My mother just liked the name giselle(with a accent) but people just call her Giselle and it's not the same at all .Question 2. Does she play any other sports and she answered that she used to play soccer but it hurt her legs so she had to stop. Questio three. If she could dance wiith someone who would it be she answered 80's Michael Jackson and Beyonce. Question four. If you could be jam/jelly what type would you be her response was she'd be strawberry because her hair is red. Question 5. What is her favourite acro move and she said that it was the "Spider" where your bring your legs over your head and then walk around your body and it look like you have eight legs.

Spider 1

Spider 1.


Spider 2.

The dance style this week was Tap and they said that all the famous dancers from early times did tap at least once. The A-troupe said that for Tap your shoes have metal tabs on them, you make a beat with your feet , you follow the beat of the song, it helps you get in rhythm with the music, and James said that it's like a percussion instrument. Chloe teaches the dance move again this week.

Tap 1

tap 1.

Tap 2

tap 2.


tap 3.

Tap 4

tap 4

Tap 5

tap 5.

Then they talk about what makes a dance captain and what they came up with is they have to be stern, thay have to some feelings, can handle not being liked, helping others, and being kind. Now in the final bit they talk about if Giselle can make it in B-troupe and Luke made a point that she's a talented dancer and doesn't really have anything to stay for in The Next Step Studio so she should switch to Elite where can show more of her talent.

Aftershow #3

Right from the start they start talking about James and his math problem and how he doesn't have time to study because he has to practice for the team. They discuss how his confidence keeps him focus on his dancing but not his math and then they switch topics and talk about how they liked it when Riley called out her sister but in the end comletely tanks it which they were disappointed by. Asha doesn't think Riley is ready to call out her sister because she has to become her own person first. Luke comments on West's dance battle idea and says that is how you get respect by challenging people. The "OMD, Oh My Dance" moment is when Stephanie throws the dance competition to ruin Michelle's chances. They say Stephanie is mean but is very loyal to her friends and they call out Kate and how she blames Michelle even though Stephanie was the only one bombing it. They actually wanted to see Emily win fair and square. The poll question is. Who do you think is a better dance captain and the answer to chhose from are Michelle, Emily, Not just Emily and Michelle, and Not sure. The highest percent of a chosen answer this week was Michelle with 75%. Michelle could bring everyone together better than Emily could. The "Get to Know" is with Emily and question one is. Does she play any other sports and her answer is "No. I don't have anytime to play sports, dance takes up all my time". Quetion two. If you could dance with anyone who would it be and Emily said she would dance with Fred Astaire. Question three. If you could be jam/jelly what type would you be and her answer was strawberry jam because everyone love it, she likes red, and she hates jelly. Question four. What is her dream job and she said she wants to be a broadway dancer but she knows that doesn't always work out and so she is working hard in school to become a broadway dancer. Question 5. Favourite acro move and her response was none because acro isn't dancing and it's only gymnastics. The dance is Contemparary the A-troupe said that pretty much everybody does contemparary dancing, it's lyrical/hip hop, a modernise ballet, every dance has a story behind it, and it's very emotional. Daniel shows some contemparary dance moves

The Bonus video is about the A-troupe talking about Riley. They sya she is nice, a good girl, anxious, shy, serious, and sometimes really need to relax. Riley is afraid that one day while she is dancing her pants will fall off so she does this thing called the Riley roll up. To do the Riley roll up you have to lift one of your short's legs then fold it inside and apparently Riley is the only one who can pull it off.

To wrap it all up they say that Michelle doesn't deserve that kind of treatment and that she should go to elite and beat The Next Step from the opposing team but the studio is her only friends because she is new in town.

Aftershow #4

The show starts off with them talking about if the positioning is right and Luke says that Michelle should be in back because she's new to the studio. Then it changes to the J-troupe and how they think Daniel is a good teacher and because of what Tiffany did they now think Chloe is the only nice one in the E-girls. Some of the group think that it was a good idea that Riley left and that the car ride home must have been awkward. The "OMD, Oh My Dance" moment was when Riley purposely puts Michelle in the front of line and they think that the situation should've been handled differently. They feel sorry for Riley but at the same time they think that Riley should have been a liitle bit grateful to Emily for giving her sister a chance even if it was for the wrong reasons. The question is: would you risk a friendship to do what you think is right. Yes. riley did the right thing-68%, No. you have to stand by your friends-6%, Depends on situation-23), not sure:3%. Sam wouldn't, Asha would not  it was her sister, Kelly said it would be better if it was her sister because she would forgive her, and Luke says don't gamble what your not willing to lose. "Get To Know" Riley and a question was do you play any sports and her answer was that she used to play baseball. Question two is. If you could dance with anyone who would it be and she said Kenny Wormald. Question three is. If you could take cds to a deserted island what would they be and of course she says Brighter Brightest and One Direction. Question four. If you could be a type of jam/jelly waht would you be and she said she would be a blueberry jam because she likes blueberry the best. Question five. What s your dream job and her dream job would be as a famous dancer or actress. The dance style is the Shuffle and they say it is the reverse jerk, and is a updated running man. The teacher is Eldon and is showing the Shuffle.

The bonus video is about the J-troupe and how it's the next generation of dancer, it's about having fun, learning to dance, and the previous members of J-troupe. To end they talk about will Riley and Emily forgive each other, will Riley go back to E-girls, and the reason why Emily wants to Riley to be a great dancer is because Riley reflects Emily.

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